Water Process Colombian Decaf

Try our world famous Colombian Supremo as a Water Processed Decaf! Don Pablo knows Colombia and knows where to find the best Supremo. Our medium-dark roast brings out the flavor and aroma of these exceptional Arabica beans. Mild, sweet, rich and very smooth. Tastes like the real thing without the caffeine! 100% Arabica, Medium Dark Roast.

Cafe Don Pablo Colombian Decaf is naturally decaffeinated utilizing the Water Process method.  No harmful chemicals are used in decaffeinating this 100% Arabica coffee, only pure water. Be wary of claims such as “naturally” decaffeinated, because harmful chemicals could be used in the process such as ethyl acetate, a chemical commonly found in nail polish remover. Insist only on Water Process.

Don Pablo Colombian Decaf 2LB bag:

Don Pablo Colombian Decaf 5LB bag:


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