Rocco’s Classic Italian Espresso

Roccos Classic Italian EspressoRocco’s Classic Italian Espresso is a special combination of Colombia, Sumatra, and Brazil. This delicious blend of Arabica beans is more complex than a single origin coffee, but smooth, flavorful and well-balanced with low acidity.

If you love a thick golden crema and a classic Italian style and finish,  Rocco’s delivers! 100% Arabica, Non GMO, Espresso Roast.

Roccos’ story:

When my grandfather Vito came over from Italy to settle in Pennsylvania and raise a family, one of the first things he started to do was grow his own grapes and make his own wine in the cellar.  Being from Italy, he also enjoyed the coffee from the “Old Country” – I can still smell the aroma of it brewing on top of the stove when I think about it. Now, after searching the coffee growing countries of the world to find the perfect 100% Arabica beans to recreate that experience, the same delicious, rich, full bodied Classic Italian Espresso that filled the house with the creaking wood floors and steps is available here as Rocco’s Classic Italian Espresso… SALUTE!